Eddie Kennison

Eddie Kennison credits the high standards of English teacher Jacquelyn Stevens for taking him out of his comfort zone and into a life of success. “It didn't take us long to realize that if we didn't want to do an assignment over and over, we'd better just do it right the first time,” the former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver recalls. “I began to focus my attention on becoming the best I could be at everything."
"I love what I do," enthuses Mrs. Stevens. "When I raise the bar, my students reach up and grab it.”

Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher.

Best of the Web: Stress Management for Teachers

Periodically we compile a list of the best of what the Internet has to offer to teachers—be that in the classroom or just in daily life. The current edition, “Stress Management for Teachers,” highlights websites that focus on reasons for teacher stress and ideas for handling it. A few websites that provide stress-management resources intended for a general audience appear here as well.

If you would like to suggest a topic for a future edition, please email us at info@teacherscount.org.

Stress Management for Teachers

APA Help Center—The Road to Resilience
In this online brochure, the American Psychological Association provides information and ideas for building resilience to a general audience.
APA Help Center—Six Myths about Stress
Here, the American Psychological Association dispels six common myths about how stress is experienced and successfully managed.
Coping with Stress—Tips for Educators
Author Leah Davies offers a concise list of stress-management tips for teachers.
Education World—From Chaos to Coherence: Managing Teacher Stress
This informative article includes an overview of how stress works, input from experts, and tips on how teachers can control their stress.
Education World—How Do You Spell ‘Stress Relief’?
This article explores the topic of teacher stress and describes relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises, provided by professionals who run stress-management workshops.
Mayo Clinic—Stress Center
The Mayo Clinic’s online Stress Center provides information and resources on stress management from a medical perspective.
NEA Today—Stressed Out
NEA Today discusses reasons for the unusually high level of stress among educators and offers advice for keeping stress under control both at work and at home.
Psychology Today—Teaching Teachers to De-stress
This Psychology Today article reports on a scientific study wherein three groups of teachers were given different stress-relief interventions.
Teachers.net—Teacher Feature: Stress
Author and teacher Joy Jones discusses how journaling helps her manage stress and shares other ideas as well.