Ken Chenault

“A good education is about more than academics – it’s also about learning values and principles,”says Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express Company.
“My teacher, Lee Lecraw, set high standards. She taught her students about being responsible. She taught us the importance of integrity. Though thoroughly demanding, she also had a special gift for making learning fun.
“Lee was my teacher for several years when I was growing up, and I am blessed to call her a mentor and friend to this day.”

Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher.

Best of the Web: The Traveling Teacher

Periodically we compile a list of the best of what the Internet has to offer to teachers—be that in the classroom or just in daily life. The current edition, “Teacher Traveling,” highlights websites that focus on summer travel opportunities, general travel opportunities, and exchange programs for teachers.

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The Traveling Teacher

American Councils for International Exchange
Fully funded by the US Department of State, the American Councils for International Exchange offers a mix of abroad programs. Available for teachers are the Intensive Summer Language Institutes, Summer Russian Language Teachers Program and Teachers to Teachers: Language, Technology, Math and Science Exchange.
Fulbright Teacher Exchange
The biggest and most recognized teacher exchange program for US teachers allows teachers to earn their normal salary while swapping places with an international teacher for a semester or a school year. Be sure to also check out the “Other Opportunity” section of the website, which lists alternate international programs for teachers.
Fund for Teachers
Fund for Teachers provides grants directly to teachers, supporting their professional learning. Their experiences come in many forms, and share the purpose of enhanced teaching skills.
Grants for French Teachers to Study in Paris
Every year in July, the French Government, through its Embassy in the U.S., offers grants to primary and secondary school French teachers who would like to improve their language skills and enhance their knowledge of French culture by studying in Paris.
Office of the Embassy of Spain: Summer Courses for Spanish Teachers
Sponsored by the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in the United States and Canada, teachers can spend the summer studying Spanish at universities across Spain.
Refresher in Paris
French teachers are invited to improve their language skills with this refresher course in Paris.
Toyota International Teaching Program
Each year Toyota and the Institute of International Education organize professional development trips for teachers. Previous destinations have included Japan, the Galapagos Islands, and Costa Rica.
Workshops in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Recommended by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese and the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages, these classes are open to teachers with a variety of professional backgrounds. Offerings include advanced sessions for current Spanish teachers, transition sessions for teachers of other languages who are now being asked to teach Spanish, and sessions for non-speakers who want to learn the language and/or want to improve their understanding of the Hispanic cultures.

Finally, there are also a number of programs between states and foreign countries for direct teacher exchange. Examples include:

Iowa Teachers in Taiwan
Minnesota Chinese Exchange
Indiana Teacher Exchange
Washington Teacher Exchange