Jaime-Lynn Sigler

“Mr. Zarett gave me a lucky quarter for my very first audition in the 4th grade (I still have it)”
—Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher.

Dedicated to Supporting the Teaching Profession

TeachersCount has made supporting the teaching profession its mission, but we want to help you support teachers as well. We are committed to providing you with a number of avenues through which you can provide support. Try submitting a post to StudentStories, or picking an item from the web feature, “Ten Ways to Thank a Teacher.” You can also nominate your teacher for a national, state or local award here. Browse through the links to the right to learn more about how you can be a teacher booster. Be sure to check out our FAQ section about the challenges facing the teaching profession here.

Supporting teachers: The American Psychological Association released an article that discusses ways to support and retain good teachers. The NEA also has a similar feature entitled Research Spotlight on Recruiting & Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers.

Below are three articles that discuss ways in which the government is attempting to provide support for teachers:

Education Department Awards $24.6 Million in Grants to Support Teacher and Principal Development, March 7, 2012

Second International Summit Spotlights Examples for Improving School Leader and Teacher Preparation and Development, March 15, 2012

Teachers Get R-E-S-P-E-C-T Remarks of Secretary Arne Duncan at a Teacher Town Hall, February 15, 2012