Our mission at TeachersCount is to empower educators and help them feel appreciated, valued and recognized for the positive impact they are making in our society. We hope to bring attention to your daily accomplishments and struggles within the classroom and highlight the teaching profession. Please send your story and a picture (if approved by your school) to savannah@teacherscount.org and we will share it on our website and/or social media pages. These stories can describe why you became a teacher, your greatest accomplishment or struggle throughout your teaching career, what you enjoy most about teaching, etc.


"My senior English teacher and principal were two undeniable sources of encouragement and constant support.  I guess one might agree with those who have gone before in saying that going home is not always easy, but I must confess it certainly has been rewarding.  I have been my school’s Teacher of the Year, my district’s Teacher of the Year, and just this year I was the recipient of the University of North Alabama Alumni Educator of the Year.

Oh, over the years, I have received many outstanding awards and honors, but I credit all of them to my having great teachers and wonderful students as well as my having chosen a vocation that I truly love and never think of as work. I feel amazingly blessed, for I chose a job that I love, and have never really thought of it as anything but a blessing.  I have taught for 36+ years and still teach like my hair is on fire, I still get goose bumps when I hear our school’s fight song, and I absolutely love my vocation.  I don’t know how much money I make a day, a week, or an hour; and I really would do it for free.  Teaching is a calling, and I am grateful that I found mine."

 - Kathy N. Hays, Cherokee High School